Random Acts of Kindness – January

Modern Bliss is a special community where you often see people coming together to help others. The women on our forums have collected money for families in need, sent gifts to people who were struggling to get by, and just offer words of support and encouragement when they are needed the most. We’re proud to be a part of it!

Outside of our little community, you hear heartwarming stories of people selflessly giving of themselves for complete strangers around the holidays. It’s touching and wonderful to see these unsolicited random acts of kindness, but what about January through November?

People face hardships year-round, especially with the current state of our economy. We shouldn’t forget how meaningful the small things can be for someone.  Something small can make a lasting impact on one person’s life.

As such, we’re going to post monthly ideas for things you can do for others. Some cost money, but many are free or very cheap to do. Hopefully they will provide a reminder and guide for you as you move through 2012!

Be sure to check back each month!

Author | Amanda Plavich

Content © Modern Bliss



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