LARKSTORM Giveaway Winner!

(*cheesy announcer voice*)

Get your eReaders ready! Based on a drawing, the winner of their very own copy of Larkstorm is….(and this is the part where you imagine a drum roll):


Comment number 17–MB’s very own Laura!! Congratulations, Laura! Erin will contact you shortly with details.


Didn’t win? No need to fret! There are a few other places where you can still win.

The Addicted to Books blog still has a copy up for grabs (contest deadline is tomorrow). Go HERE if you’d like to enter. You can also read a character interview with Lark, for a glimpse into the world of the book before you start reading.

Author Alina B. Klein is also hosting a giveaway of Larkstorm. Plus a carrying case for your eReader.  (Contest ends Wed. 12/14).


And if you cannot wait until those contests end and you’d like to buy a copy for yourself, here are the places where the book can be purchased:



  • Amazon (All English territories, so even the Canadians and Brits can get it)
  • Barnes and Noble (Not available yet, I will let you know!)
  • Smashwords (No need to fear, Nook users, Smashwords offers an ePub version for the Nook)






Now, the really fun part! Dawn Rae Miller will be joining us for an author interview on Tuesday, December 20, 2011. Anyone who wants to can submit a question for Dawn–about the book, writing, hybrid publishing, being a working mother, etc.

Here’s how to submit your questions (by Friday, December 16, 2011):

  • By leaving a comment with the question on this post
  • By emailing erincb1[at]yahoo[dot]com (just, ya know, use the @ and . in the appropriate places)
  • PMing ErinCB on Modern Bliss

Anyone who submits a question will automatically receive an entry into our NEXT giveaway. That’s right. Another one. Because we love you THAT much. *Smooches* Here’s a hint:

Handmade eReader cover from CW Creations on Etsy


Congratulations, Laura! And happy reading.

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  1. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Yay, Laura!!! And that is a snazzy e-reader cover! Why must MB have amazing contests the owners can’t enter??? Whhhhhhyyyy????!!!???!!

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