Tic Toc Tykes

Telling time is, of course, a life long skill. Unfortunately, so many kids are learning to read digital clocks only! I am a teacher, and a huge advocate for analog time. Yet, I look around my house, and all I see are digital clocks! I need to get on that one.

Clocks can be introduced from very early on. In the beginning, number recognition and sequence are great skills to learn. As children get older, They can start to learn the skill of time, and how to read it on the clock. I know, as a mother and a teacher, I have very high expectations for my own daughter! She is 3 years old, and shouldn’t be expected to tell time yet! However, exposure can never hurt. I have found some toys and items that engage children, to get them interested in telling time and clocks.

This first book is a favorite in our house. It was a bedtime book for several months straight! The book goes through events in the day, from morning until bedtime. There is an interactive clock for kids to manipulate. The time is written in the book digitally, so students can compare the two styles!

The next book is on my shopping list. I found it in the February issue of See Saw, by Scholastic. It is telling time with princesses book!

The next item was a Christmas gift for my daughter, and another toy that is used often at our home. This Melissa and Doug clock is made with great quality, and teaches many different math skills!

The next clock is one that many parents love! It can be set to glow green, to let your child know when it is ok to get out of bed. So not only can kids look at the time, but they are also understanding a.m., p.m., and when certain events happen (or should happen) in the day!

There are many, many other books, clocks, and activities out there for children so that they can learn this important skill. It’s never too late!

Let me know how you teach time around your house! Learning from each other is the best way to learn!

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