Money for Munchkins

It is never to early to start teaching the value of money! Well, maybe my one year old isn’t quite there yet. He would just eat the change, literally! However, my three year old loves getting money, and I talk to her about the value of it often.

When we are shopping, we talk about the sales. She knows that we can’t get special treats, clothes, toys, etc. if they are not on sale.

On my wish list for her, of what I would like to get her in the future, is a cash register. I would have bought one earlier, but I really want one where the coins look real. I want her to recognize what a real penny looks like, not a big blue circle! I think that this one is the one we will be getting her, or one like it.

When she finds change, or I have have some in my pocket, she gets to put it in her piggy bank. When we do this, she counts the money, and we talk about what the coins are called, and the value of each. Once that piggy bank is full, we are sure to bring her along to the bank to deposit it, and to find out how much she earned!

We have a few traditional piggy banks around our home, but if your looking for something more, this one looks great! It has a screen to display the total amount saved, and announces every coin’s value as it is deposited! That is one smart pig! This particular one is by Imaginarium.

When she gets money from relatives for birthdays, Christmas, (she even got a total of $12 for Valentine’s Day), we talk about how the money is going in the bank.

There are also some great books that have to do with money!

Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday is a cute book about a boy who just can’t save his money! The book goes through different coins and amounts that he has on certain days.

Tell us about ways that you teach money with your little one! Do you do an allowance? Jobs? Games? Let us know!

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