Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Admit it.

You guys totally freaked out a la Oprah’s Favorite Things audiences on Monday, didn’t you? :D

We are SO happy we were able to do something for you guys and wish every single member could win!

And how freakin’ AWESOME were our vendors?!  Holy cow!  We were having heart attacks each time someone agreed to help us!

Not going to lie. We felt…well…

But we shoved the green-eyed monster aside and cheered for the amazing, amazing things you guys are getting to win!  Plus, we just marked a few things down for ourselves to buy come gift-giving time.

What? You guys don’t want to listen to me talk anymore?

Are you sure, because I have a lot more I could mention.  Lots of things going on in the world and all…



On to the winners. ;-)

Giveaway #1 – Mommy n Me Diaper Cakes

WINNER: (101) coleslawcat

Giveaway #2 – Visions In Vinyl

WINNER: (31) laineys_mom

WINNER: (145) Lacey Johnson

Giveaway #3 – Cecilia Street Designs

WINNER: (242) tizia

Giveaway #4 – Hand Stamped by Lorelei

WINNER (Inside Message Skinny Cuff): (17) Karilynn124

WINNER (Lucky Penny Keychain): (222) Jzolo

WINNER (Heart Shaped Personalized Necklace): (151) shanan

WINNER (“It’s a Boy or Girl” Tag Necklace): (163) Ashlee Loughran

Giveaway #5 – Little Monster Hugs

WINNER (Cupcake Set): (163) Stacy

WINNER (Cupcake Set): (149) Jeneva

WINNER (Baking Cups): (48) Amanda (aok)

WINNER (Baking Cups): (95) barb

Giveaway #6 – Sweet Princess Bowtique

WINNER (Bow Basket): (108) sara1104

WINNER (Girl/Doll Matching Headband Set): (215) Brandi aka notadorphan

WINNER (Flower Hat): (200) Heather

WINNER (Fairy Tutu w/ Matching Wings): (3) Laura (mrsshrek)

WINNER ($25 Gift Certificate): (29) Rachel

Giveaway #7 – The Lovely Trish

WINNER: (48) Debi (Italin)

Giveaway #8 – Whimsy Couture

WINNER: (97) Carrie

Giveaway #9 – Dragonfly Bowtique

WINNER: (34) Alyapple

Giveaway #10 – Scrapedia

WINNER (Card Making Package): (49) janna

WINNER (Scrapbooking Package): (100) Kelly

Giveaway #11 – Sweet June’s

WINNER: (289) Tricia

Giveaway #12 – Beach Baby Designs 

WINNER: (209) Becky

Giveaway #13 – It’s Written on the Wall

WINNER: (66) Angela

Giveaway #14 – Hazel Village

WINNER: (48) Haley

Giveaway #15 – Loxly Hollow

WINNER: (144) Amanda (a different one)

Giveaway #16 – Gluten Free from NYC

WINNER: (43) Shelly

Giveaway #17 – Vintage Lathers

WINNER: (142) Kim (KARKRR)

Giveaway #18 – Scrapbooking Stuff

WINNER: (84) Laura (username Laura)

Giveaway #19 – Jewel of the Lion

WINNER: (146) snow123

Giveaway #20 – Trouser

WINNER: (193) Lalabeth6

Giveaway #21 – Mo’ Rockin Creations

WINNER: (55) Andi

Giveaway #22 – Moore Baby Clothing

WINNER: (127) Melissa

Giveaway #23 – Beads by Desi

WINNER: (135) Lauren B.

Giveaway #24 – Olliegraphic

WINNER: (139) Sue and Eric

Giveaway #25 – Tastefully Simple

WINNER: (116) Jennifer (JenK)

Giveaway #26 – Ordinary Mommy

WINNER: (136) Sarah (Natsmom)

Giveaway #27 – Spice Spice Baby

WINNER: (204) Riz

Giveaway #28 – Andi

WINNER (Birthday Banner): (130) shell91303

WINNER (Gift Bag): (86) Abby

Giveaway #29 – Itty Bitty Items

WINNER: (42) Lisa (MrsCorbin)

Giveaway #30 – Sew Sweet Momma

WINNER: (86) Carrie (cacmom)

Giveaway #31 – Tonya’s Sewing Room

WINNER: (108) hopeless

Be on the lookout for an e-mail today, winners (fyi, it will be later today b/c my e-mail is blocked at work ;)!  And congrats!

All winners were determined using based on comment number | If for any reason the original winner does not claim their prize (or I’ve missed a duplicate winner), we will draw another winner and e-mail them accordingly | Winners have ONE WEEK to respond to their e-mail | I had to hand count to the winning comment number, so if I am a little off, it just adds to the randomness, but I’m pretty sure these are right!

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  1. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks to the board owners and vendors! Awesome giveaways.

  2. Yay for all the winners!!!

  3. Congrats to all the winners!

  4. Congrats to all the winners!!!

  5. Woohoo!!!! You guys rock! So excited that I actually won something (those little owls are so stinkin’ cute) and so excited to be able to giveaway my goodies!

  6. congrats to all the mommas who won!

    we didn’t win, but i do have a new list of favorites! : )

  7. Congrats to everyone! This was awesome :)

  8. yabba dabba doo! I never win anything…I am super excited! Thank you MB!!!!!

  9. Thanks so much to the owners for doing this! Now, off to decide what to choose…. :)

  10. Thanks so much!!!!

  11. How awesome! Thanks again for organizing, this place rocks!

  12. Congrats to all the winners! Thank you so much for doing this!

  13. Awesome.

    Congrats to all…

    And to my winners: Remember by stuff is totally customized, so Ashlee, if you don’t want “its a boy” or “its a girl” I can do names, “mama” anything. I even have these that can be double sided too :)

  14. Awesome! Congrats!

    I’m so impressed with this place… hand count to the winners? Sheesh… that’s dedication! LOL

  15. Congrats winner and thanks for doing this fun giveAWAY!

  16. woo hoo! thanks for doing this – it was awesome!

  17. Thank you everyone! And I can’t believe I won!!! Yipee!

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