Giveaway #7 – The Lovely Trish

Our own lovely Trish has an account on a really cool site called!

She has her own account where she offers up various ‘gigs’ for five dollars. Right now, she’ll add your message in the sand, she’ll enhance your photos in Photoshop, and she’s going to continue adding a variety of things!

And you Twilight fans? She’ll turn you into a Cullen! Not in real life, ya weirdos.  In a picture!


You MUST enter a valid e-mail address.

You MUST post a SEPARATE comment per entry method.  If you list them all in one, they will only count as one entry!

Ways to Enter:

Post a comment (yep, that easy)

Like Modern Bliss on Facebook

Active members post a comment with your username

Post this (or something similar) to your Facebook and/or Twitter (do both and get two entries): I just entered @modernbliss1 Anniversary Giveaway! -or- hit the share link at the bottom of the post - Add a link to your post in your comment!

The contest closes on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 11:59 pm.  Check back on Monday, February 21, 2011 to see a list of winners!

Click HERE to see a list of all giveaway items!

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  1. MrsShrek1028

    I like MB on facebook

  2. i shared the giveaway on FB

  3. I need photoshop help! This would be great!

  4. I need all the help I can get!

  5. like MB on facebook

  6. I have been looking for someone to do a picture for me! This would be great to win!

  7. definitely need some assistance with some photos.

  8. I like MB on FB!

  9. Sweet! (Zoe0520)

  10. I like MB on FB

  11. Active Member-Zoe0520

  12. What a cool idea! I didn’t know such a service existed!

  13. Interesting!

  14. I like MB on FB!

  15. mama2elena

  16. I like MB on FB.

  17. Active user- MrsCorbin

  18. Great Giveaway!!

  19. Very cool!

  20. I’m greenmom on MB.

  21. I like MB on facebook

  22. I could use some photoshop help!

  23. I like MB on FB!

  24. I saw this on fb the other day and I giggled over the twilight pictures :) You’re awesome, Trish!

  25. amyd

    yay, Trish!!!!

  26. Wow sooo cool

  27. Kells2mcbride on MB

  28. Can I just get Photoshop tutoring? One on one? I need that… badly!

  29. I like MB on FB!

  30. I need some help in the picture department too :)

  31. Awesome!

  32. I’m so pale, it wouldn’t take much to turn ME into a vampire!

  33. Like MB on facebook!

  34. Active user: joielovesalex

  35. that is really cool!

  36. i like mb on fb

  37. I Like MB on facebook

  38. Sue and Eric on MB

  39. in need of photoshop help!

  40. Awesome!


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