Giveaway #14 – Hazel Village


This mouse is quite possibly the cutest stuffed animal e.v.e.r.




Catalina Mouse could be yours if you win this giveaway!

Our jealousy is in full force now.  For reals.

And did you SEE the other little characters Hazel Village has?!

Reginald Fox, Sidney Toad, Evangeline Frog….

Cuteness overload!!!!

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Description from the shop:

Sometimes the other animals ask Catalina, doesn’t that bonnet constrict your ears? She says, thank you for asking but in fact no, it is cozy and it stretches. Plus, when she finds nice acorns she can use her bonnet as a bag.

Catalina is made of grey organic cotton jersey, and stuffed with washable fiberfill. Her ears are lined with cotton oxford shirting. Her eyes and nose are hand-stitched with cotton embroidery floss. She measures 13.5 inches, not counting her ears and tail. She has a beanbag in her torso, the better to sit up.

Catalina’s elastic-waist skirt is made of turquoise silk. Like all Hazel Village animal clothes, Catalina’s skirt and bonnet are removable so the animals can share and trade.

Your Catalina will be made to order. She will travel to you in a reusable cotton bag, with a lavender and mint sachet tucked inside. She is excited for the journey because in general she likes burrows, and she fits in the shipping carton perfectly.

Please note:
In the pictures Catalina’s skirt has a brocade pattern if you look closely, but I’ve run out of that fabric. I found a replacement piece of plain silk with the same lovely color and texture, and that’s what your Catalina’s skirt will be made of.


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