you have two choices

in all things in life you have two choices.  but when it comes to the military lifestyle, it true every step of the way.

you can either look for a hand out, or you can look for a hand up. 

think of it this way.  your g.i.joe is deployed and you’re twenty-something weeks pregnant and suddenly put on bed rest.  now what?  do you expect everyone to come to your rescue and do everything for you ORyou look at your resources and see what you can do for yourself and your baby and where you might need the extra help?  or consider this.  your g.i.joe is deployed and leaves you to maintain the finances.  you find out he has been spending over and beyond what you have budgeted and now you can’t pay your bills and keep the electricity on.  you have a choice, you wait for someone to come along and start giving you free hand outs, or do you find out what resources are available to you and try and straighten out your finances (and hopefully make your g.i.joe understand that it’s not cool to over spend).

let me tell you, i have had some interesting phone calls over the last few weeks from wives who were looking for a hand out rather than a hand up.  i don’t mind helping, but you have got to be willing to help yourself.  and you have to remember, there is always someone always has it worse than you.  and knowing that and being able to do this makes you more than army strong.

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