murphy’s deployment law

everyone has their run in with murphy’s law.  and just because your g.i. joe is deployed thus not give you a ‘free pass.’  if anything, it makes you murphy’s number one target.  and through three deployments now, we’ve been pretty lucky that murphy has only visited us briefly, until now.

there’s nothing like being nearly 30 weeks pregnant, being ‘snowed out’ of coming home after traveling for nearly 10 weeks, and after blazing a trail across atlanta’s airport with a 3 year old to make your connecting flight to finally get home, and then discover that lovely, not so sweet smell of something that has died in your house.  oh, and then you discover where that smell is coming from…. your fridge, and all the food that has smelted away in the hot box that once cooled them.


after two lovely hours of unloading rotten food and scrubbing down the fridge, only to still have that smell lingering, we, as in the 3 year old who kept me company, and my pregnant self called it a night.  and then began the fun of feeding ourselves and finding a new fridge.  this is where deployments make murphy’s law even better.  rather than having my g.i. joe to help give input and rangle our lil man, i took on murphy.  don’t get me wrong, my g.i. joe did call and give me a budget and wish me luck.  but that was it.

and to be honest, after looking at the first ten fridges, they all started looking the same.  and how is that when you were younger and filling your dream home with future appliances it was so easy to pick a fridge, and now, when you need one because the cooler in the snow will only work for long, it’s such an overwhelming task.  but, we took on the task and guess what murphy, we picked out a fridge and kept it under budget too.

so take that murphy, you may have blown out our fridge and let the food ferminate for a few days and tried to fill my plate with more things to handle, but because i’m more than army strong, i’m over you and you are now welcome to move on.

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