the way we connect

this time of year especially, it’s so important to us that we stay connected.  thanks to technology, it’s become pretty darn easy to keep our g.i. joe part of the holidays as we celebrate with all the trimmings and such.

this is the third fall/winter holiday season out of four that our g.i. joe has missed with our lil man.  but with that said, he has been part of the celebrating regardless of the distance between us.  thanks to our webcam and care packages, we’ve been able to make our g.i. joe’s office and ‘chu’ (pretty much a container box you would see on a train or at the port that the soldiers sleep/ live in and work in) fit for the holidays and make our g.i. joe ‘see’ our holidays.  we do have to be mindful that this time of year the mail can be slower than usual, but each holiday has to miss, lil man and i make sure to send him a care package or two or three with goodies and trimmings.  i’ve gotten good at shopping after the holidays and stocking up.  so our g.i. joe always has a christmas tree and stocking and music and tons of cookies to share.

as we kick off the christmas holiday season with the macy’s thanksgiving day parade, we have been fortunate again this year to have our g.i. joe be part of watching it with us.  because of the time change and his work schedule, our g.i. joe was able to skype with us and watch part of the parade with our lil man.  {{melts my heart}}  and when it comes to christmas morning presents and all the traditions, we wait until g.i. joe can skype or at least call so he can be part of it.  we have in the past held off on celebrating according to the calendar when our g.i. joe has been scheduled to be home before or after the date.  this year, that just won’t work, but we’ll adapt just as we have in years past.  when we head out to do the ‘drive thru christmas light shows’ we usually bring along a picture of our g.i. joe and strap him in the car so he can ‘enjoy’ the lights too.  and of course i take tons of pictures to share with him.

over the course of the last four years we have moved away from signed cards at christmas and done just picture cards from snapfish or shutterfly or and always been sure to use pictures that feature all of us.  but when it comes to birthday and anniversary cards, our g.i. joe has signed a year’s worth of cards for everyone in our family already.  so it’s little things and little ways in which we connect, but it makes such a difference.  and it makes us more than army strong.

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