the celebrity of it all

there have been movies and tv shows and news articles and audiences on oprah dedicated to ‘us’ military wives, but you never truly embrace the celebrity of it all until you are at the dinner table at some restaurant in your hometown with a group of friends you’ve known for ages but only see when you all come home and all of a sudden you realize the evening’s conversation has been completely settled on you and your lifestyle.  it almost sounds a little arrogant, but that’s how it happens. 

and then it happens over and over again as you see more and more friends who weren’t at the earlier dinner meet up.

and so, in the last two weeks i feel as if i have become a celebrity of sorts.  and part of me completely enjoys being able to share ‘the good, the bad and the ugly,’ of our military lifestyle, but then, all the same time it has been causing a heartache of sorts because it’s a reminder of just how much my g.i. joe has missed out on or how much we do sacrifice.  but then again, it causes this surge of pride too all in the same moments.

sure, there are stories about our moves, four in four years, from florida to colorado and everywhere in between it seems.  and there are those stories of resourcefulness and making our family work despite being separated by thousands of miles for months on end.  and there are the warm fuzzies of our homecoming stories and the heartache of the reality of the danger of g.i. joe’s job.  and the ‘glamorous’ side of meeting this general or that general.  but than there are the ‘no, lifetime got it wrong,’ or ‘that’s not how it happened to us.’  but in the end, it’s seriously a lot of me talking, them asking questions and a feeling of appreciation and celebrity all in one evening.  but then i sit and wonder, would anyone care as much about our lives if my g.i. joe was a banker?  or an insurance salesman? or even a doctor?  don’t their stories matter too?  shouldn’t they be celebrities in their own right?

but then, in the end, if my stories can bring a better understanding of the news stories and headlines, i’m glad to share. and prove, maybe i am more than army strong after all.

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