Counting Up Our Thanks

Sorry, this is a little late for the idea. It should have been started a week ago, but I, for one, can’t believe that it is already November! However, it’s never too late to give thanks! Holidays are often materialistic with children, and we, as parents, should be teaching our children the real reason for various holidays. Thanksgiving is coming up, so while teaching our kids why we have thanksgiving, we should share what we are thankful for in our own lives. I’m thankful for my children, and for math, so what better place to share this new idea!?!

Have a thankful book made by your child! For each date of November, leading up to Thanksgiving, think about what they are thankful for. Have them draw pictures, cut pictures out of magazines, write about it, whatever you want! Then dictate what they have to say. Some examples could be…

November 1 – “I am thankful for my Mommy”

November 2 – “I am thankful for my 2 cousins, Ella and Kiera”

November 3 – “I am thankful for my fruitsnacks”

November 4 – “I am thankful for my 4 babydolls”

Keep going with it! It can be as serious or as silly as they would like.

If counting up to the 20s seems a little overwhelming, this could be the perfect time to work on calendar skills. Don’t try to coordinate the date with how many items they are thankful for, but rather think of something for each date of November. Learning how to read a calendar is a skill that you can start now, and it will help to have your child know when something is going to happen.

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