your son, my hubsand

so my in-laws are here this weekend.  i have to say, i love my in-laws, especially my father-in-law.  and my mother-in-law, well, i love her, in small doses.

i’ve noticed as i’ve read past posts about others and their in-laws, their situations and ours is very different.  see, not only is there not only the whole ‘you took my son away,’ but there’s also the cultural differences as my mother-in-law is south korean and very strongly appointed and a hoover mother.  but then you throw in the  military and constantly moving and deploying and things get tough, stressful.

in the four and half years my g.i. joe and i have been together, we’ve have been through two deployments and are gearing up for a third, though he did one deployment prior to me.  so, it’s not like my mother-in-law has never been through a deployment prior to me.  but, she still behaves as she is the only one enduring this separation and hardship and all that comes along with a deployment.

and this go around, i’ve put my foot down.  i figure i have enough to deal with this time: home-ownership, a toddler, a baby on the way, and my leadership position in our unit.  i found a book just for parents of deploying soldiers and gave it to her friday when they arrived, she’s nearly done with the book.  i’ve forwarded her emails and devotionals from other mothers of soldiers.  this time around, i have tried to empower her and make her, more than army strong.

there will be an update in the weeks and months to come to see how she does to this go around.  finger-crossed

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