take that deployment

so it’s been nearly a week and so far the house hasn’t burnt down, we haven’t made any trips to the er, we’ve showered each day and brushed our teeth and we have eaten more than cereal for dinner at least four times this week for dinner.  not to shabby considering last week this time we were all still under the same roof.

so take that deployment.  yes, we’ve hit some rough patches, but that can be expected with any separation.  i’m sure even when the average dad who goes on business trips leaves there are some rough patches.  so, i’m thinking we’re doing pretty darn well all things considered.

we’ve managed to make all our play dates except one this week.  i’ve managed to cook one meal for dinner this week (the rest of the time it was leftovers or dinner out because mommy was just that tired from the day).  we’ve put our first care package in the mail already, complete with homemade bat and pumpkin cookies and rice crispy treats.  and we even ventured out of our town to the mountains to go hiking where we saw elk tracks, mountain lion tracks, human tracks, coyote tracks and lots of horse poop.  so when i look back at our first week of this deployment, i can say for sure, we were more than army strong.

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  1. I haven’t gotten around to reading much in the way of blogs on here, but now that we have the links at the top, I imagine I’ll read them more often. I just wanted to let you know that I went back and read all your entries today, and I love your blog. :) It’s so interesting to see how others live their lives. ::hugs::

  2. Its a step in the right direction! hugs

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