on a happier note

so i had this complete blog spot written about how emotionally draining these last few hours before he leaves are, but i’m tired of all this ‘boo hoo, he’s leaving, feeling sorry for myself.’

on a happier note, there are less than 175 days until i give birth to our beautiful second blessing.  on a happier note, lil man and i will get to see all of our family over the next three months.  on a happier note, the weather is getting cooler, i get to finally turn the humidifier back on, and snow is coming (yea! no cutting grass or pulling weeds, though that’s my thinking time).  on a happier note, in the coming months i get to cook all those foods i know my g.i. joe won’t eat.  on a happier note, i think my morning sickness may be passing.  on a happier note, can i tell you, i have the most amazing network of ladies who support me.  on a happier note, i get to start mailing our weekly care packages starting next week, making the countdown to homecoming that much easier to countdown.

on a happier note, i know that God has brought us to this and He will bring us through this.  on a happier note, though i will have days when i will doubt my ability, my strength, my will to go on, but in the end, i know i am more than army strong.

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