Sneaking Math in Everywhere!

Learning math is not as hard as it seems, and not as far fetched as you may think. Chances are you are doing it already, but may not be thinking about it. Or, you may be on the cusp of using math daily, and then these examples could be the stepping stone that you and your child need.

Family game night is a perfect opportunity all around. Quality time with the family, with the TV and computer off is priceless. Watching your child learn, have fun, and play games is amazing. My biggest problem with this whole game night, is my 9 month old trying to eat the pieces!

Any game that you chose can incorporate math if you try hard enough. I asked some Mom’s what their favorites are, and I’m sharing those with you now. If you have any to add, please leave a comment so that we can try out your favorites too!

Chutes and Ladders is great for counting. They shake the die, (if your Chutes and Ladders comes with dice), count the dots on the die, and then count as they move their piece that many spots. If yours comes with a spinner, you could sneak in probability at an early age!

Chutes and Ladders

Another Mom loves Candy Land, The Ladybug Game, and Cooties! They all are great for working on counting skills.

Candy Land

Ladybug Game

Inside the Ladybug Game


Zingo- This Mom’s daughter counts how many of each picture they need, and how many spaces are left on board until someone gets Zingo. “I love that game!”


Snail’s Pace Race- counting spaces, but only usually 1 or 2 spaces in each turn. This one is great for beginning counting.

Snails Pace Race

Hi Ho Cherry-o is another Mom favorite that incorporates math!

Hi Ho Cerry-O

One of our favorite’s at home is Uno Moo. We work on counting and patterns while having fun! Counting backwards, categorizing (color/animal), counting forwards (when you have to draw 4 animals).


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  1. Great game suggestions.

  2. I just discovered there is a number Zingo now, too! Of course I had to get it–LOL! One side of the card has the # written as a word with the correct number of objects next to it and the other side has addition on it. The easier side was definitely pretty challenging for my daughter today, since the number itself is not on the card (#’s come out of the “Zinger”). With time, I think this will be another favorite game of hers. :) Thanks for all the great suggestions here!

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