packing for a business trip, sorta

it’s that time again.  time to pack for his ‘business trip’ again.  i’ve laid out all his underwear, counted to make sure he has enough socks and undershirts, and washed his favorite work-out shorts.  and he’s laid out his ‘business’ suits and made sure each piece is perfect in each and every way possible.

but what makes packing for this business trip different from others’ business trips is that the suits my g.i. joe packs are layered in protective gear.  rather then a dress coat or blazer, a kevlar vest.  rather than an array of colorful ties to don his neck, he packs a gaiter to protect the nap of his neck from snipers’ bullets.  and rather than having to decide whether to take his brown dress shoes or his black dresses, he packs two pairs of running shoes and three pairs of combat boots without thinking twice about it.  sure his ‘suit’ is already laid out for him and all he simply has to do is decide how many uniforms to pack for his ‘business’ trip, but he won’t be earning any frequent flier miles for this trip.

and as i watch him paint the bottoms of his duffel bags, all four them, i know that it’s time for his next ‘business’ trip.  at least on his ‘business’ trips i know i’ll be able to send him care packages to make sure he feels our love across the distance.  and i know as i watch parents play with their children at the playground they can because my g.i. joe is watching iraqi parents play with their children under their new found freedom.  and so, i know as i hide little love notes in his gear that we are more than army strong.

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