It’s All About the Math

Being a teacher, I am always thinking of ways to relate learning to my own kids.  One problem, is that when I taught first grade, I kind of expected my 2 year old to know the same things!  Poor girl.  So, I needed to tone it down, without forgetting about it completely.  As I was looking around at websites, apps, television programs, and other activities, I noticed a ton of learning that related to reading.  While reading is extremely important, I am a math coordinator, and love math, so I wanted to promote math in the house!

Children are always learning!  We hear the term “learning through play” all of the time.  While that is the best kind of learning, we, as Moms, can guide that play to focus a little bit more on the learning part!  Keep in mind that they are KIDS!  Sitting down for a 30 minute math lesson at home with a 3(ish) year old is not going to be productive.

There are several ways in which students can learn about math.  Below is a sneak peak at a few of these ideas.  Please stay tuned to get more detail!

iTouch, iPhone, iPod Apps

Cute Math - iTunes


Learn to Count -

Math and Literature

Television shows


Finding symmetry and shapes in nature


Finding patterns everywhere you go!

Math with Food

Sort colors, make shapes, count, ...

Math songs

5 Little Monkeys

Have fun, good luck, and it’s all about the math!

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  1. Congratulations on the first post… I’m clueless when it comes to teaching math, so I’m very excited about what’s to come.

  2. I am so excited to read your blog, really I am! You’re right, most things out there are centered around reading, which is important but so is math!

  3. Awesome! Can’t wait to use some of your ideas with my kids!

  4. I love the pic of those m&m’s making the shape. My mother in law bought my girls a Cheerios book, where they fill in the blank spots on pictures with Cheerios. It kept my daughter entertained until dinner came while we were out to eat last night. Good to know it’s educational!

  5. mmmm, math with food… now that’s my kind of lesson! LOL

  6. I love the idea of teaching my kids math, this is such a cool idea for a blog. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

    And for someone that doesn’t have any of those ithingies, apps that are on other platforms (hint – Droid) would be awesome. If you can find them.

    Whoo hoo!

    • I have no experience on the Droid! Any input or suggestions on it would be wonderful, and I would love to have a post with advice form others!

  7. As someone who never has been math literate ;) I’m excited to learn new, tactile ways to get my little ones interested in math!

  8. I am so happy you are writing about this. Math has given me heart palpitations my entire life, be it quadratic equations or figuring out the tip at restaurants. So needless to say, I’m nervous to help my own kids learn math and I need all the help I can get! Great first post, can’t wait to see more!

  9. Love the idea with counting with food! I can’t wait to read more tips from this awesome blog! Thank you!

  10. I am really looking forward to your blog!!! Especially the food ideas…yum!

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