A Connection Between TV, Math, and a Party

We’ve Got Mighty Math Powers!

When I heard of a math program for kids, I was very excited! My daughter loves shows such as Sid the Science Kid and Super Why, so when I saw a preview for Team UmiZoomi, I was excited to watch it with her! One problem; it premiered on January 25th, the first day for me to go back to work after my maternity leave. My husband was going to be staying home with the kids for six weeks, so I told him that if they watched any TV, make sure to check this one out!

My daughter immediately fell in love with Milli, and her pattern of polk-a-dot dress. I fell in love with the fact that she was recognizing patterns all over the place! I asked some Moms who have watched the show, and here are just a few of the positive remarks!

• The songs are very catchy
• It grabs attention and gives time for response to their questions (what shape do we need, what is the pattern etc)
• Has a “theme” of helping someone solve a problematic situation
• Teaches about shapes & numbers that you see on other cartoons but goes further
• Helped cement which shapes are which
• Gives an understanding of the concept of patterns
• It teaches colors, patterns, counting and number recognition
• It teaches them different things, more than counting and colors
• It really teaches a lot of interesting math concepts, including patterns and therefore making predictions, as well as shapes etc.
• I’ve noticed my child talk a lot about patterns and then he guesses what comes next in a pattern of things

Now, of course, not everyone loves the show. However, we have to remember that the show is not geared toward 20 and 30 year olds! If the show is lacking math skills that you see as important, that’s when the TV goes off, and other activities begin! After all, Bot can’t teach your kid everything on his Belly Screen ☺

My daughter got really into it, and so we decided to have a Mighty Math Power Birthday party!

Meet the one and only, Millie and Geo!

Finish the Patterns!

Pattern of Polk-a-dots!

The cake divided into 3rds, like a pie chart or fractions!

Counting (there was one for each kid), or finding different color combinations of buckets, shovels, and watering cans.

A Milli Pinata!

A Milli Pinata

Now it’s your turn to tell us about other shows that promote math and appeal to you and your children!

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  1. I love this idea! Even for non-birthday parties, you could take leftover balloons any old day and get your child to guess pattern like that! I’ll have to do it with my son, he loves balloons!

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