THE Registry

THE Registry

Aug 07

My very first post.  It’s  a little intimidating!  I mean, how does one write a review blog and keep people interested?  And, there are so many places to read reviews anyway.  Amazon, Wal-mart (a favorite), Consumer Reports…  And, they are mostly boring.  Well, aside from the angry reviews.  I love angry reviews.  Especially when they are written by someone stupid.  Like, when people review a stroller and give it one star because their kid fell out of it and broke their neck.  And, you’re thinking WHAT?! OMG, I’m not buying that stroller, that is awful!  And then you read more and find out it was because they attached said stroller to an ATV with a chain.  Then, there products that have 5,000 five star reviews, but the people that reviewed the product did it on the day they got it in the mail.  So yeah, how accurate is that?  In order to really know if it’s a good product you have to read through at least 30 or so reviews to see if the people that wrote them are on their meds or not.  If you read my About Me you’ll understand why this blog is different.  It’s not just me, it’s 1,000 other women who are (mostly) on their meds giving you their opinion on baby products that they have used for more than 2 minutes.  And, we’ll throw a little unsolicited advice in the mix too, because we’re know-it-all’s.  Okay, I’m the know it all.

So, lets get on with it.  The first post.

If I could go back in time to when I was pregnant with my first you know what I’d do? I would take a seasoned Mommy with me to register. Okay, not really.  I wouldn’t want someone telling me what to do.  I mean, I’m the know-it-all.  I was back then too. Who wants a bossy bitch standing behind you saying “NO, not that.  Get THIS”.  I have the power lady.  I have the gun.  I can scan whatever the hell I want.


Excuse me for a second.


I’m better now.

I would take a seasoned (I prefer paprika and salt) Mommy with me, one that wouldn’t be bossy but rather like a nice older sister who genuinely cares that I get the best for my perfect little baby.  You can just read this post though, and then pretend you were smart all along and skip bringing the bossy bitch and the nice sister.   I really did register for some silly things though and I consider myself a smart consumer. I registered for items I never used, things I ended up returning because I got 20 different versions of them, and I even returned things I really wish I’d kept! There are too many options out there and way too many smooth marketing gurus convincing you that you need the latest and greatest thing to be a good Mommy or have the smartest baby.

This list was created with the help of more than fifty mothers from Modern Bliss. So, while you’re loading your registry up with $50 baby hoodies (yes, they make those) stop for a second and read this post about what you really need.

Yes, take the hoodies off. Go ahead, click delete. You’ll get more clothes, towels and blankets than you’ll know what to do with. <— That would be bossy bitch speaking.

Before I give you the list and someone replies with “Well, you don’t really need all of that. You just need the car seat because the baby can sleep in a dresser drawer and you can breastfeed…” I want to tell you to shut it.  These items will help maintain your sanity. That is the type of “need” we are talking about. Sanity is a need.

So let us start with the basics. You will need:
Car seat
Formula (unless you plan to breastfeed)
Crib sheets
Clothes – but please don’t register for them. Just don’t.
Child proofing supplies
Cool mist humidifier
Medicine/Bath items:

  • Baby bath
  • Acetaminophen
  • Teething tablets
  • Gas drops
  • Saline drops
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Thermometer
  • Lotion
  • Baby wash/shampoo
  • Towels/washcloths

Next are the items that experienced Moms said were absolute must have items in addition to the basics. Of course, every baby is different. Your child might hate the swing but love the bouncy, or your baby might hate to be swaddled and if you’re like me, you won’t use a monitor. But, the overwhelming consensus is these are the “must haves” so if you’re looking for what to buy or register for we suggest the following, and keep the gift receipt.

Bassinet or co-sleeper
Ultimate crib sheet
Swaddle blankets
Crib soother
Bouncy chair
Baby carrier
Stationary activity center/Jumper
White noise machine
Diaper bag and/or diaper wipe tote
Travel booster seat
Sleep sack
Burp cloths
Formula dispenser (if you are going to formula feed)
Basket for the dishwasher/bottle brush
Breathable bumper

If you are going to breastfeed add:
Gel breast pads
Nursing cover
Nursing tanks
Nursing bras
Nursing pads
Breast pump
Freezer bags
Breastfeeding pillow

If you are going to Cloth diaper add:
Diapers (duh)
Pail & pail liner
Wet bag
Cloth wipes
Wipe solution
Snappis or pins if you’re using pre-folds
A CD friendly detergent
CD safe rash cream
Liners (like rice paper or fleece)
Diaper Sprayer
Clothes line

And lastly…

A CAMERA :) I’m sure you already have that though.  Take a last belly shot before you head to the hospital and buy a few packs of re-chargeable batteries (those will also come in handy for the myriad of battery operated toys and gear you’ll get).  And, head on over to Mommy Goggles to learn a few tricks on how to capture those sweet shots.

So, there you have it. THE list. I’m going to tell you right now (this is the unsolicited advice I was talking about) that you don’t need a bottle warmer for your car.  They don’t work well and you can use a small slow cooker to warm bottles, or hot water in a glass – just be sure to keep it out of reach of little ones. Or better yet, get your baby to take room temperature bottles from the start. You’ll get dozens of blankets and plenty of clothes and baby toys.  Speaking of baby toys, not many kids play with them at all. I think the first popular toy is something like the ExerSaucer (otherwise known as the pooper-saucer in my house)  and something they can walk behind or stand at, and teething toys. The rattles, shakers and other hand held toys don’t really get much air time. Your remote control and cell phone will be what they really want.  Trust me.  Well, they also want a lot of other things but we’ll cover that when we get to baby proofing.

Now that you have the list stay tuned for reviews that will help you select exactly what product to buy.  And, let me know if I missed your favorite “must have” item.  Wine? Vodka? Ear plugs?


  1. Sara

    Great list! I love your aversion to registering for baby clothes, and for the record I did not!

  2. Sara – I do believe I did register for clothes, which was silly. The one thing I did not register for was 30 blankets and 3 bathtubs :) One suggestion I have for the “extra’s”, especially blankets (most especially neutral ones) is to save them for baby #2. Poor 2nd born children get seriously left out in that department. My first gave my 2nd a few blankets from his stash and we’ll pretend they were #2′s all along.

  3. Valerie

    yessssss! i love it! almost every baby registry i’ve ever bought off of has clothes on there and no one buys them. part of the fun for people is picking out the outfits themselves- they don’t want to be told which ones! and you will certainly get clothes no matter what, so keep them off the list! great first post! :-)

  4. Erin

    Great list! I prefer to season my mommies with garlic though. :)

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